Women’s Healing Retreat with Sharon

‎21 - 23rd April, 2023

Spaces Left: 9

This weekend is an opportunity to cultivate the healing power of dreams, of playful free creativity, wonder and the juiciness of joy ! As it is springtime, a season of birth and new life – we can align with the energy of nature by taking time to nourish our own inner child, our sense of innocence and wonder.

This can be a powerful, pivotal time to ignite new growth and positive change in our lives.

A solar eclipse occurs on April 20th in the final degree of Aries “the Ram”, this can also give us the energy of  courage, supporting us in making decisive choices and bold steps for powerful new beginnings! We are also supported by the new moon as we work with the energy of new life, new growth and new possibilities.

The call of the Light as it grows in our environment is also a call to us to nourish the Light within:

What makes your heart sing?

What new qualities would you like to grow within yourself?

How would you wish to channel your creativity through the months ahead?

You will experience powerful Kundalini Yoga & Meditation to support your own healing journey over this weekend. We will create a nourish space to release emotions that may block us in life, share practices to cultivate a deep connection to our inner essence, and  nurture our capacity to heal and grow through playful creative activities and deep relaxation  Throughout the weekend there will be live music to intuitively support and deepen our practice together.


4.30pm onwards:

Arrival, settle in, tea & welcome soup


Fáilte: Opening Circle and Welcome

6.00 – 7.30pm:

Opening shared sacred space of our gathering together, focusing our intentions and

celebrating the healing power of womanhood and the goddess within.



Dinner time



Preparing for a nourishing sleep

Gentle meditation and mantra practice with live music.



Aquarian Sadhana – Early Morning Yoga Practice ( Saturday & Sunday )**

Sharing yoga in the Amit Vela, the early morning hours, is a beautiful and foundational part of the Kundalini  Yoga Practice. There is a sublime joy as we prepare to meet the day with a nourishing yoga practice, followed by deep relaxation, and then chanting with live music as the sun rises.

The full Aquarian Sadhana begins with recitation of JaapJi – “the Song of the Soul”.

This has been a key part of my own daily sadhana for many years. Composed in Gurmuki,

a language combining Sanskrit and Punjabi, this takes about twenty minutes to recite. You are welcome to join in or simply lie down and listen. The physical yoga set begins around 7am. This includes deep relaxation with live music, and is followed by chanting a series of  Aquarian Mantras to elevate our consciousness to the presence of the divine, beyond duality. Participating in a full Aquarian sadhana can be a powerfully uplifting experience!

9am – Breakfast

10.30am –  12.30pm

Aisling Gheall : Creative Vision – The Call of Destiny 

Kundalini yoga offers a path of spiritual warrior. Through these time tested practices we can let go of stress, tension worry and heal ourselves from self-limiting patterns. We strengthen our courage and release fear.

We use the energy of fire within us to strengthen our will, bring crystal clear focus and move through the challenges that we may face. We cultivate a strong aura and connection to the panic body through our breath.

Ultimately, we invite divine guidance and alignment with our soul so that we can live our Life Purpose and shine our Light into the world.

1.00pm: Lunchtime

2.00pm : Ag Súil le Sonas  : Creativity & Joy

Our creativity can be a powerful alli in restoring our sense of personal empowerment, rather than feeling ourselves to be victims or passive within a broader narrative over which we may seem too have no control.

We will explore these themes through focused Kundalini Yoga practice and an opportunity for playful creative expression – restoring our agency as creative beings and our capacity to engage with our life experiences from a new perspective.


3.30 pm:  Beautiful guided walk to Medieval Carlingford / Free time to explore 

5.30 – 7pm:

Yoga practice for Deep Meditation 

Cultivating our relationship with breath, the ‘inspiration’ – spiritus, the spirit.

In this workshop we will explore  the healing power of working with the breath, with rhythm

and the focused energy of presence. Through engaging the power of our inner fire, our grit and commitment

we can cultivate a strong will, focus and capacity to create positive change in our lives, and in our world.

We will embrace the creative power of silence, stillness and presence.

7.30pm: Dinner time


Cosy Concert & Kirtan : Songs of Nature & Healing Chants

Share the power of joining together in song, with healing chants from around the world.

A deeply relaxing close to the day.


 6.30 – 8.30am

Early morning yoga practice – Aquarian Sadhana

Practices to nourish the heart so that we can open to love and healing for ourselves and those around us. Deep relaxation and meditative chanting of the Aquarian mantras. Anchoring in the presence of the divine within our lives.

9am: Breakfast

10.30am – 12.00pm: Yoga Workshop

Ag Spraoi le Ceol : Playful with Voice & Music

We will explore improvisation and playful engagement with sound and voice,

sharing uplifting songs and chants from around the world.

Singing and chanting, making sounds together we can nourishing the health of our

fifth chakra, at the throat – associated with communication, expression and speaking our truth. Connecting with our own inner sound and becoming aware of how we use our words, express ourselves, communicate and use our voice – we can choose to cultivate self-compassion and acknowledge our own role as powerful creators through vibration.


Walk in the countryside

 Anima Mundi – The Soul Of Nature 

Opening the heart to the healing power of our natural world.

( we will endeavour to do this outdoors- weather permitting )

1.00pm Lunch 

Closing Circle & Music with Meditation for Healing.


At Eagles Rock Retreat we have four guest bedrooms. Bright, beautiful views, with real comfort and silence, our bedrooms have all the features attributable to a great nights sleep.

Attending solo or or with friends?

More than half our guests fbook solo. With hand-crafted beds featuring ornate curtains, you have the privacy and quiet space to retire to, when sharing.

If you are attending with friends, will will ensure to give you most appropriate room available.

Bedroom ‘Satya’

Sleeps 3

En-suite Bathroom

Bedroom ‘Daya’

Sleeps 3

En-suite bathroom

Bedroom ‘Maitri’

Sleeps 4

Large En-suite bathroom with a bath

Bedroom ‘Ananda’

Twin bedroom next to the Yoga Studio has magnificent views of the Glenmore Valley and the Irish Sea and a balcony where you can take it all in.

Adjacent is a small bathroom with shower/toilet

Getting to us by car

It could not be easier. From Dublin (North) you will reach us in 1hour and 15min. From Belfast you will be here in an hour. From the M1 motorway, take exit 18 (Carlingford). We are about 15min drive from there.

Using google maps, put in ‘Eagles Rock Retreat’ (make sure you put in ‘Retreat’, otherwise you end up at a different house far, far away!

Getting to us by public transport 

It could not be easier. There are hourly buses from Dublin airport and Dublin City Centre and take approximately 1hour and 15minutes. From Belfast you can take a train.

We offer a free transfer service from Dundalk train and bus stations to our venue.

It’s a scenic 15 minute drive from the station to the venue.

Once here, you do not need a car.

IMPORTANT: Please endeavour to arrive in Dundalk between 3pm and 4.30pm.

We will send you detailed directions by email when you book.


Simrit Kaur – Sharon Ní Chuilibín

Sharon (Simrit Kaur) is a creative song writer, musician, singer, yoga teacher, artist & mother. She has been teaching kundalini yoga & meditation since 2014. Sharon has degrees in fine art and Art history & masters in Ethnomusicology (anthropology of music)  – exploring creative expression in both sound and vision.
Sharon has done additional training In Kundalini Yoga for PTSD, Radiant Child yoga, Sat Nam Rasayan Healing,Healing Colective & ancestral trauma and online facilitation. She has worked as an editor, designer, teacher and writer and most recently completed a book on Healing with Dreams (Together with veteran healer George Rhatigan).
Sharon lives with her daughter in Co. Mayo in the west of Ireland.
for more info visit: www.soulcompass.ie